DSTM is a fresh name of the underground techno scene.
Check the new official video.

1. DSTM, my congratulations with the new killer video. What were your thoughts when you made track and video? What is it dedicated to?

First of all thanks for the compliments. I am proud of reading that you’ve used the word “killer” to describe my video. I appreciate that.
The video has been inspired by the killing of George Floyd. After that horrific incident, I felt the need to stand up against all types of discrimination which cause social injustice and affect a lot of people. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ivars Huxly, the filmmaker who worked with me on this project and translated my feelings into images, with whom I hope to collaborate in the future.

2. Where are you based?

I am based in a very small town in southern Italy called Casali Roccapiemonte in the province of Salerno. I like saying the exact name of my hometown as I’m proud of my roots.

3. In internet there is little information about you, could you tell us more about yourself and music?

I am not very keen on talking about myself, besides mentioning the small town I live in. I am very short for words I let the music do the talk.

4. You are having such an unusual image, what influenced you on your style?

When I didn’t wear the mask no one gave a shit about me.

5. How can you describe your music?

My style stems from years of experiments and attempts in different subgenres of techno music resulting in this product, which summarizes what I have learnt and perfectly reflects my concept of techno music. High BPMs, distorted sounds and musical influences from the 90s up to the best-known names of the current techno scene are visible in my style.

6. Pandemic COVID-19 has broken many plans of the music industry. How does it affect you?

This pandemic made me produce more music, and this helped me keep a positive outlook on life.

7. You have a motto «Never Ending Story» could you tell us more about the sense that you put on this phrase?

I think that was misunderstood. That isn’t my motto but just a sentence I wrote on Facebook because I didn’t know how to describe my biography and I decided to leave it open and write that it is a story which never ends. Of course, this is my hope too. However, if I have to find a motto which describes well my lifestyle I would use the following: I tried being normal once, worst two minutes of my life.

8. Which of your colleagues in the techno scene do you like?

Raffaele Attanasio, Spfdj, Hector Oaks, Viper Diva, Dax J.

9. What would you wish to the beginning DJ`s and people who will read the interview?

I wish that Techno will never die and wish everyone happiness and peace. Thanks a lot for your time and for giving me the chance to reach as many people as possible through my music.





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