Purveyors of the Detroit and Chicago house sound that has keep dancefloors bumping for nearly four decades, production / DJ duo Gettoblaster are now lending their sound to the Atlanta house heads over at Psycho Disco Records. Their second release with the Georgia based label, Gettoblaster have teamed up with Rescue for new single “Turn It Up.” A six-minute slice of four on the floor heaven, the single combines groove and gyrating rhythms for a retro-tinged classic.

Not stopping there, “Turn It Up” transforms into a truly international affair thanks to the enlistment of Brooklyn’s Codes and UK G-House don Vanilla Ace for the track’s official remixes. Whether the original hits a sweet spot, you’re a slave to the pulsating beat of Codes’ remix, or you’ve found yourself dancing like you’ve never danced before to Vanilla Ace’s maniacal makeover, “Turn It Up” leaves no audiophile unsatisfied.

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