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Anthemic, energetic and electronic, ‘Deep Down’ is the latest single from DJs and producers Guantanamo Bae and LeDoc in collaboration with vocalist Max C. Merging together jazz and blues influences with electronic dance music, the trio have created something hypnotic yet uplifting. ‘Deep Down’ is available on all platforms now.

Made for the dance floor, this EDM anthem is a powerful track curated by the contemporary electronic production of Guantanamo Bae and LeDoc, accompanied by the rich timbre of Max C’s vocals pulling listeners into their atmospheric soundscapes.


Greek music producer LeDoc states “I have always been a big fan of Max C. Tracks nowadays are always featuring high or low pitched vocals and sound the same. We wanted to bring a unique, jazzy vibe to our track.” With an impressive vocal range spanning over four octaves, Max C, lead singer of Gap X The Band, is not a new name to the dance industry. An important part of the EDM golden era, Max C is one of the legendary vocalists that graced the scene between 2006-2013.

LeDoc had admired his vocals on tracks with R3hab and Swanky Tunes in the past, so the collaboration felt like the perfect match. Guantanamo Bae was also on the same wavelength, searching for something inspiring and exhilarating, wanting to give listeners a place to escape during challenging times. The catchy hook ‘You started something deep down’ is infectious and it’s easy to imagine ‘Deep Down’ captivating audiences in the atmospheric buzz of nightclubs. With driving rhythms and vibrant synth lines, these electronic producers bring fresh creativity and imagination.

Guantanamo Bae

Settling in New York City, Guantanamo Bae stumbled into the music scene through Garageband, making music for parties and small clubs that soon escalated into viral releases through streaming platforms. LeDoc is an emerging artist concentrating on intimacy and power, which complements the release of ‘Deep Down.’ Working with Max C who has spent the last couple of decades working with electronic music’s finest DJs, such as Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta and Bob Sinclair, there’s no doubt that this collaboration has created a trademark style and they’re ready to celebrate on the dance floor.

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