Luca Draccar

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Luca Draccar is an artist pushing sonic boundaries. Experimenting with electronic sounds that transport you to the future, Draccar releases his new EP ‘Soul Grabber’. Draccar, who is based in Berlin, explores his passion for technology and music through his songs. Pondering on poignant themes, such as the 1994 film Natural Born Killers by Oliver Stone, he reflects on the creatures of planet earth who turn against each other and kill. The key component here being that we describe it as ‘industry’ rather than murder. Expressed through the EP, Draccar keeps his overall sounds minimal and industrial, devoted to electronic and psychedelic soundscapes that are hypnotic and sprinkled with glitch-y tendencies.

Draccar began his musical journey in Italy where he was born and founded his roots by DJing in nightclubs throughout Milan. From here he built an empire of rhythmic and foreboding techno.

Photo provided by @simona.minamalmag

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