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Luca Draccar’s latest EP ‘419’ is a passionate and explosive ode to lust and rush. ‘419’ stands for FOR ONE NIGHT, an homage to the one night stand- to love intensely and forget quickly. The brief EP is packed with passion and feeling as the opening track ‘Dadaism’ softly permeates into existence through spacious pads, distant chords, and ambient dribbling kicks. As the fire rises thunderous percussion takes center stage with an oscillating bass-line underneath gently guiding direction.

The opening reference to the avant-garde art movement Dadaism isn’t a far leap for Luca Draccar who graduated from the Bauhaus Universität Weimar, faculty Gestaltung, in multimedia communication and interactive design. His multifaceted approach to creativity is evident in the sonic soundscapes he creates, with skills honed while DJing in clubs and illegal rave parties in Milan before moving to Germany. This grand grasp of sound and culture is immediately felt on the track ‘Lippen’. Gargantuan kicks bang in reverberation as distant ethereal tones wisp in the background, haunting vocals weave in and out as the minimal production expands into a fierce electronic explosive climax.

The night progresses. ‘Vagabondage’ concludes ‘419’, a play on the separation that is soon to come and the grip of a loveless hold in the moment. Tribal percussion and lush tones ease one down as the night finally unwinds and a resolution approaches. In a brief 3 tracks Luca Draccar makes each piece count with an attentiveness and awareness that only comes in the exact acknowledgement of the moment. It is the act that counts. If you want it to last forever, make it short. Short as the night.

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