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Promoted Post BannerOn the streets of London, the cradle of musical innovation, resides a unique artist, Phildel, a songwriter and performer whose soul vibrates to the rhythm of fantasy and imagination. She sculpts her music with boundless creativity, giving birth to sounds that transport the listener to unexplored worlds.

Our musical journey is guided by an organic melodic line that pulses like the heart of nature itself. It’s the sound of organic house, a genre that fuses modern electronic beats with the warmth and depth of acoustic elements. Phildel’s music takes us on an unforgettable sound journey.

Paul Sawyer’s remix is a masterful reinvention of “Storm Song”. Originally revealed in 2014 on Phildel’s album “The Disappearance of the Girl,” the song is now wearing a cloak of renewal. Paul Sawyer, the British legend and master of turntables, made it his mission. As the boss of Krafted the brand, he breathed new life into this iconic melody.

As the notes rise in the dark of the night, listeners are caught in a storm of sound, where the fusion of Phildel’s bewitching voice and the touch of genius of Paul Sawyer gives rise to a transcendent musical experience. The electronic heartbeats mingle with organic sounds to create a harmony that will take you far, into the unknown.

In the electrified atmosphere of the dance floor, “Storm Song” in its remixed version by Paul Sawyer is the symbol of musical creativity that transcends time and space. A sound experience that will take you away, bewitch you and make you dance in the rain of electronic music.


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