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Seattle artist Rob Martini is back with a great new album showcasing his excellent talent for expertly crafted house tunes! The album features many different vocalists that add the perfect touch to the warm grooves. This is the sound of experienced producer and now retired DJ Rob Martini, who hones in on his own mixes and storytelling, taking samples out of the equation and putting focus on lyricism to convey a broad range of feelings within ‘Rob Martini & Friends Vol 2’!

Rob Martini began his career as a DJ in 1999, professionally performing in around 1000 shows over the years. Today, he has retired from the nightlife and focuses on his careful production, making mash-ups, edits and even exploring new genres to incorporate! His recent releases have been reflective of himself and what he needs the world to hear. With direct access to the public via his monthly DJ residency for Drive @5 on C89.5 Seattle’s Home for Dance, we can have faith in his live experimentation developing into brilliant releases. Rob Martini can also be found producing the “LIVE EXCLUSIVES” segment, showcasing local talent along with heavy hitters in the dance world! A well involved professional in the game, listen to the new album today!

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