Do you remember Toni Costanzi, the young producer of the worldwide hit “Lies”? At just 26 years of age, the trader from Agropoli for the first year in the Top 10 Italian Analyst. The final Italian ranking of the App specialized in the world of wealth management was published on 30 October, in which Toni Costanzi, alias DopeKost.

With the aim of enhancing the ten most competent Italian traders and offering them visibility and prestige in the world of finance, since 2015 it has set up this contest. Unlike previous editions, this was allowed to participate with multiple accounts, presenting different strategies. Out of a total of 672 participants, the Italian trader reached the fifth place thanks to a performance of 77.47%. An important value that was obtained with a “Drawdown” of 5.05% and with an overall score of 1.46 obtained from the risk / reward ratio. With another profile, DopeKost, it ranked seventh with a profit of 56.81%, 6.68% maximum loss and a risk / reward ratio of 1.29.

Toni Costanzi, born and raised in Agropoli, province of Salerno, is above all an esteemed DJ / producer, streamer and youtuber. Following the successes and placements in the financial agency contest, he has achieved a lot of visibility in this world.