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Leave it to Luca Draccar to make Techno music the way it should be on November 5th, when he releases his three-track EP “Neo Noir Plaisir.”

Luca Draccar has created a yet-to-be-released EP entitled “Neo Noir Plaisir,” which incorporates all possible skills and interpretations of EDM and its subgenres. The Berlin-based music producer has pushed the frontiers of the electronic genre with his innovative approach to Techno music.

The brilliant music producer with Italian roots has been surrounded by music since he was a child. This drew him into the realm of music, and he nally acquired a passion for music production, particularly EDM rhythms. His enthralling environment is purely beat-driven, emphasizing the expressiveness and passion of tunes. Experimenting with various musical pieces and electronic rhythmic patterns, the great artist has created his ideal soundscape, which beautifully portrays his amboyant uniqueness.

Determined to convey thoughts and emotions through his music, the multi-talented artist employs a sequence of dark melodic resonance that is certain to bind listeners to his music and otherworldly themes.

He has given a profound and sounding result in his upcoming EP by harnessing the main focus of Techno music, which is the interplay between exotic beats and emotions. He expresses his con dence in himself, his passion, and his naturally born musicality. The EP’s production structure is embellished with smooth electro and dub modulations as well as a gripping bass groove that will entice everyone to revel in its high-quality output.

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Neo Noir Plaisir

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