Master Yetí’s Latest Single “LuLu lemon” is Bound To Sweep You Off Your Feet With its Idyllic Tonal Beauty and Sensuous Lyricism.

  LISTEN HERE Promoted Post In a year marked by unique creative accomplishments and auditory sonic journeys that have defined the true depths and aspects of revolutionary music through spectacular new singles released over the years, artist and producer Master Yetí returns with one of his most compellingly sensual & thought-provoking cuts to date. Originally from Chicago’s south side, Master […]

Luca Draccar Set To Release His Much Anticipated EP “Neo Noir Plaisir” on November 15th

LISTEN HERE Promoted Post Leave it to Luca Draccar to make Techno music the way it should be on November 5th, when he releases his three-track EP “Neo Noir Plaisir.” Luca Draccar has created a yet-to-be-released EP entitled “Neo Noir Plaisir,” which incorporates all possible skills and interpretations of EDM and its subgenres. The Berlin-based music producer has pushed the […]

Choujaa Releases Stellar New Single ” I Try” To Start 2021!

Promoted Post Choujaa is releasing his latest single ‘I Try’ which will be available for the public to listen to on platforms such as YouTube, Beatport and Sosumi Records. ‘Try’ will be the most recent addition to the list of tracks created by this Morrocan music maker. Choujaa’s music is Electronic Dance Music (EDM) but has also been described as […]